Sheboygan SOUP

Sheboygan SOUP is a community-based crowdfunding dinner organized by volunteers who want to help the community feel empowered to improve the city. Sheboygan SOUP is not the granter of funds. Our job is to plan an event that creates a safe place for people to gather and share ideas. The community, the participants in SOUP, decide which project will receive the money raised. Submit an idea today!

Let’s Taco ‘Bout It!

A taco party, first. An opportunity to talk about relevant issues that matter to Sheboygan, second. Topics could range from voting in local elections to bike paths and bike safety to protecting our lakefront. The goal is to help educate people about topics that matter around a good meal and fun party.

Community Living Room

Working with a local artist Tim Tupper, Quasius Construction and the city of Sheboygan, we are installing a community living room at the corner of 8th Street and Wisconsin. The living room will feature custom designed benches that reflect a sofa and two armchairs, a bright and colorful area rug painted on the sidewalk, and a piano. We want to develop a space where people can gather with friends, where they can sit and engage in community conversations. We want people to recognize their city, their downtown, is more than something you pass through. It’s a place you stay, it’s a place you hang out. Downtown is a part of your home, and right now, it’s treated like a hallway, but it doesn’t have to be.