The first Sheboygan SOUP came and went, and it was amazing. We had 24 proposals submitted to the community, four top projects that were presented on April 27, and one big winner who took home almost $900 to get the project going. We had more nearly 70 people at the dinner, who heard, discussed and voted on what our community needed right now. We cannot thank the community enough for not just supporting Sheboygan SOUP, but for supporting each other through SOUP.

Reboot Sheboygan was the winning project at our first SOUP dinner. Reboot Sheboygan’s primary goal is to repurpose used computers and technology to benefit low-income families in the Sheboygan area. Matt Hinz and the other organizers of Reboot Sheboygan met last week to finalize the details regarding where operations for Reboot Sheboygan will be based and when they will start accepting used computer donations. Follow Reboot Sheboygan on Facebook to get the most up-to-date information.

We are also pleased to inform you that all the projects that were presented on April 27 will happen in our community as well. Though they are not funded through SOUP, the individuals behind those projects were able to make the necessary connections to community resources to make their projects happen.

The next Sheboygan SOUP is on Sept. 21. Submissions for projects are being accepted now at What SOUP has taught us is that everyone has an idea to that could positively impact our community. We hope you will consider submitting your idea to make a positive change in Sheboygan.

Thank you, again, Sheboygan, and we look forward to seeing you again in September!

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